H2O Wireless


O2 Wireless, which is now H2O Wireless, is a prepaid wireless service provider that offers no contract monthly plans and leading brand mobile phones at over 100,000 retailers nationwide. Services offered by H2O Wireless operates on the AT&T network as a MVNO, allowing its users to get the nation’s most reliable coverage.
Users get unlimited talk and text, pay by the minute plans, and more with phones from many leading brands. Or, use your own phone with the $10 SIM Starter Kit all with no contracts, activation fees, hidden data speed limits, or surprising fees.
H2O Wireless Unlimited Plan allows customers to use any AT&T phone on its pay as you go monthly plans including a $60 plan for unlimited talk, text and 2GB of data or web with no contracts. Its popularity is driven by the ability of customers to bring their iPhone on to the network without modifying the software such as jailbreak or unlock. Find H2O® Wireless at over 100,000 retailers nationwide, including Best Buy, 7 Eleven, and more.

*Phone Number Required for us to process payment, (number you are making the payment for)

$30 unlimited talk,text

$40 unlimited talk,text,picture
msg 100mb data + free $20 international talk


$50 unlimited talk,text,picture msg
500mb data + free $20 international talk


$60 unlimited talk,text,picture msg
2gb data + free $20 international talk

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